The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a monthly reflection, which incorporates resources and reflections on aspects of Laudato Si’ and ecological conversion.

In May, the month of Mary, in LSM’s Monthly Prayer Guide we pray for the Queen of Creation to intercede for the sufferings of the Earth and the poor. We offer this resource to be shared with your circle or group of friends to inspire you to pray, contemplate, reflect and act for creation. This month you will find:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use this prayer guide for an encounter;
  • Intention of the month and Laudato Si’ quote;
  • A prayer to Mary;
  • A reflection on Mary, new Eve at the dawn of the new creation, by Fr. Yannick Essengue SJ, Laudato Si’ Animator from the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Illustrative images of the song of creation and the cry of creation;
  • an invitation to participate in Laudato Si’ Week by holding a local encounter in your community.

Full details are to be found in the Monthly Prayer Guide, which is sure to inspire you in your ongoing ecological conversion. A pdf version is also available to download here.

Just as her pierced heart mourned the death of Jesus, so now she grieves for the sufferings of the crucified poor and for the creatures of this world laid waste by human power.

LS 241

Prayer to Mary (By Alirio Caceres, from the LSM Prayer Book)

The Angel of the Lord announced that you would love
And creation was overjoyed
And smiled in the walnut trees and danced in the

And you, Mary, simple woman, woman of the people
You said “yes” to the novelty of the Kingdom
And the whole earth became pregnant with verses
And dreamed of justice and distilled delicacies.
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord,” you said
and you allowed God to be God in your dwellings
and thus you pointed out the happy route of the

And it was done unto you according to the Word
And God came to be in you as a furrow opening.
And the Word became flesh, became a body, became
And the divine became matter, making the love of the
Father tangible.
Because of that, God dwells among us
In the genetic novelty and the infinity of the cosmos
In the waves of the sea and in all the hands willing to
learn how to love.

The incarnate, materialized God is among us:
Life project, from the ground to the sky
Life project, resilience and consolation.
The Angel of the Lord announced that you would love
And he keeps announcing that another world is possible
If the cry of the poor transforms selfishness into bread
and hugs
If the weeping desert fertilizes our wit and guides our
If the abandoned animals move us to join hearts and
weave more ties.

From these human mangers that we are
We ask you, Mother, that the Kingdom
that your
Baby proclaims may come.
May the knowledge of love arise in us,
with its wonder and grace.
And may each basin be a new cradle
where ecology rhymes in harmony,
Where justice plays with smiles
and where Christmas is more
than a rite, it is pregnancy,
covenant, embrace, fraternal
cosmic Eucharist, sacred liturgy of a
better world.

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