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Recruitment to reserved posts

Please read regarding the Appointment of Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers in Catholic Schools

The Catholic Education Service (CES) forms and documentation are available to download on the following links:

The Diocesan recruitment guidance has been revised in May 2022. Each section of the new guidance is available to download below. In addition, individual documents and pro formas from each section are available.

CES Job Application Forms:

A range of ‘model’ application forms and supporting documents are available for downloading by Trusts and schools from the CES website.

The CES application forms need to be provided to applicants by the Trust or school as there is a section that must be completed on the forms with the Trust/school and DPO details before the applicant receives the form. Please read our guidance document Guidance on advertising a Trust or school vacancy. The CES supporting documentation listed on the front page of the job application form must always accompany the application form in the recruitment pack.

Contract and Appointment Documents available through the CES Website:

A contract generator for schools is available for completion and submission online from the CES website.

Complete a simple questionnaire and after submitting your answers will be automatically populated into a PDF version of a standard CES contract of employment tailored to the role.

Alternatively, the CES website also has a number of standard contracts covering the majority of roles in Catholic Schools available to download and amend.