Adverts, forms and guidance

How to Create a Job Advert for the Diocesan Education website:

Please follow these instructions if you wish to request an advert to be placed on the Diocesan Department for Education website:

Please read our guidance document on Advertising a School Vacancy. Please note that the Diocese only publishes job adverts on the website. Other documentation (applications forms, etc.) are not uploaded with the advert.

Schools placing an advert for a leadership position should consult the leadership recruitment guidance section below for the advertisement checklist.

CES Job Application Forms:

A range of ‘model’ application forms and supporting documents are available for downloading by schools from the CES website.

The application forms on the CES website are for school use only, so that the school privacy statement can be included for applicants. Job applicants should contact the school advertising the job (as per instructions in the job advert) for an application form.

If a school includes the CES supporting documents (disclosure form and recruitment monitoring form) in the job application pack, and the CES recommends that you do, these documents need to be amended to include the school’s privacy statement in addition to the application form.

Contract and Appointment Documents available through the CES Website:

A contract generator for schools is available for completion and submission online from the CES website.

Complete a simple questionnaire and after submitting your answers will be automatically populated into a PDF version of a standard CES contract of employment tailored to the role.

Alternatively, the CES website also has a number of standard contracts covering the majority of roles in Catholic Schools available to download and amend.

Recruitment to reserved posts

Please read regarding the Appointment of Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers in Catholic Schools

The Catholic Education Service (CES) forms and documentation are available to download on the following links:

The Diocesan recruitment guidance has been revised in May 2022. Each section of the new guidance is available to download below. In addition, individual documents and pro formas from each section are available.

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Job Vacancies

Discover vacancies within our Catholic Education Trusts and schools, including supply staff.