The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a monthly reflection, which incorporates resources and reflections on aspects of Laudato Si’ and ecological conversion.

The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a Monthly Prayer Guide, this resource is a guide for their movement members to use collectively or individually every month. Each month this prayer guide brings reflections and testimonies from different members of our global movement to inspire you to pray, contemplate, reflect, and act for creation.

This month, the February Encounter guide has some changes, so it can better support you and your community. Here are a few tips for you to use this guide as the structure of an encounter:

  1. Read the full guide to familiarize yourself with the content and plan how you will use it in the encounter.
  2. Hold the encounter through the three steps: Hear Creation’s Song, Creation’s Cry, and Creation’s Call, making sure to prioritize time for common prayer, contemplative silence, and personal and shared reflection.
  3. After the encounter, remember to thank the participants and start planning for the next one, as well as continue to pray throughout the month with the month’s intention and prayer.

Full details are to be found in the Monthly Prayer Guide, which is sure to inspire you in your ongoing ecological conversion. A pdf version is also available to download here.

Climate change is one of the principal challenges facing society and the global community…[it] makes manifest ‘a tragic and striking example of structural sin’

LD 3

A Laudate Deum Prayer

Be praised, my Lord, God-Trinity:
Ever the source, grace, and hope of Full Life.
Be praised, my Lord, for your Mother Mary
whom Latin-Americans call by the name of
Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Be praised, my Lord, for all those who
sensitively and integrally do not let
the ECHO of LIFE resonate in vain.
We beseech you, Lord, for all
trampled, plundered, and marginalized
human beings.

We beseech you, Lord, especially
for the communities that suffer from hunger,
who have nothing to wear and no place to live,
“almost lifeless”,
victims of economic exploitation and abuse
of a consumerist, utilitarian,
heartless, loveless society.

We beg on behalf of all creatures,
whether animate or inanimate,
works of God’s love,
continually facing threats of extinction, exploitation, destruction, and exhaustion:
All of these beings testify to the fact that our God calls us to embrace integral ecology.

Prof. Telmo Pedro Vieira – Laudato Si’ Animator – Brazil

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