Department for

Property Management


The Department for Property Management assists in the care and maintenance of all Diocesan land and buildings by providing support to our parish communities and Diocesan schools.

Property Management Team

Contact us

Tel: 0191 243 3303 or Email:

Head of Property Management

Andrew Gillingham

Mobile: 07718 243137

Property Surveyor

Minnie Fraser

Mobile: 07950 493707

Property Surveyor

Richard Guy

Mobile: 07901 016811

Property Surveyor

Charlotte Palmer Craggs

Mobile: 07483 076090

Health and Safety Advisor

Jonny Henry

Tel: 0191 243 3319


Carol Green

Tel: 0191 243 3303

Historic Churches Committee

Chair: Rev. Adrian Dixon

Secretary: Professor John Murray

For information and advice about listed buildings please contact the Property Management Department at

Buildings Committee

Members: Rev. Adrian Dixon, Rev. Anthony Hastie, Rev. Jeffrey Dodds, Mrs Beverley Warrington, Mr Andrew Gillingham and Mrs Fiona Standfield.

Secretary: Miss Lynne Matthews

The Buildings Committee carries out an initial assessment of all applications to undertake work on parish property over the de minimis limit, currently £10,000, in accordance with the Board guidelines.