The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a monthly reflection, which incorporates resources and reflections on aspects of Laudato Si’ and ecological conversion.

This month, our June Encounter features:

  • Monthly intention
  • Creation Prayer
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Eco-conversion Story
  • Hearing Creation’s Cry
  • Hearing Creation’s Song
  • Join us in our second Laudato Si’ Global Encounter
  • LSM Core Values: Being Prophetic

Full details are to be found in the Monthly Prayer Guide, which is sure to inspire you in your ongoing ecological conversion. A pdf version is also available to download here.

Each year sees the disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species which we will never know, which our children will never see, because they have been lost forever.

LS 33

Creation Prayer

Bless us, God our Father, The immense beauty of the universe is an expression of your love for us.

The earth in its freshness The trees and plants in all their grandeur, Allow us to cherish the beauty of life – in the person and in nature, Bequeathed by the stewardship of our ancestors.

Renew us, Lord Jesus, In whom all things are renewed by the grandeur of your saving grace. You taught us love in all its fullness, Teach us to be active stewards of your creation – Defending the rights of our people, Protecting our mountains, lands, trees and animals, Renewing what we have lost through our sinfulness.

Empower us, Holy Spirit. To embrace the prophetic life of stewardship, rejecting all forms of abuse in our environment, inspiring a cleaner and sustainable future for our children, developing innovative solutions to address environmental degradation and climate change. As we care for the gift of our existence, we care too, for our world.


Written by Br Tagoy Jaazeal Jakosalem OAR, Philippines

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