The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a monthly reflection, which incorporates resources and reflections on aspects of Laudato Si’ and ecological conversion.

This month, our May Encounter features:

  • Monthly intention
  • Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Eco-conversion Story
  • Hearing Creation’s Cry
  • Hearing Creation’s Song
  • Laudato Si’ Week 2023 is coming!
  • LSM Core Values: Caring for one another

Full details are to be found in the Monthly Prayer Guide, which is sure to inspire you in your ongoing ecological conversion. A pdf version is also available to download here.

Each of us has his or her own personal identity and is capable of entering into dialogue with others and with God himself.

LS 81

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Dove Orchid, the flower of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, You are God’s presence in our hearts, bringing life, love and joy, like a caring Mother.

You are in singing birds, hidden in vegetation, in the subtle fragrance of inconspicuous flowers… You are a Mystery, invisible, but powerfully influencing our life. We open our hearts to You.

Please inspire us and give us wisdom, courage, and hope. Let us make use of our various talents and Your gifts. Please teach us patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Guide us the right way and teach us to love You, others, and ourselves. Please help us to work together in peace and respect every person, regardless of all the differences between us, but also to respect nature and everything else you have created for us. Last but not least, let us always remember about our dignity of being Your children and about our freedom to serve others, like Jesus.


Written by Sylwia Ufnalska, Laudato si’ Animator, coordinator of Rogalin Ways of the Holy Spirit and of the project “Tree of Life” – Rogalin, Poland

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