Vicariate for Faith & Mission


At the service of the Bishop, in support of the people of the diocese, The Faith & Mission Vicariate exists for the dynamic growth and renewal of the Church through Partnerships and Parishes.

The Vicariate for Faith & Mission is an umbrella service of different areas of faith and Mission development in the diocese.

We facilitate growth and renewal through:

  • Providing a safe space for groups and teams to come and discern their future directions.
  • Empowering and equipping the laity through training, resources and vision.
  • Nurturing life-long formation.
  • Building ecclesial relationships and networks.
  • Enriching the Liturgical life of the Church.
  • We work with the guiding principles of:
  • Bringing unity through the Holy Spirit.
  • Offering sustained support.
  • Promoting collaboration as a key principle as Church.
  • Ensuring listening and reflection underpin our work.
  • Being good stewards of time and talent.
  • Empowering the Baptised to discover their calling.
  • Innovating practice to help discover the ‘something new’ that God always offers

Called to Serve

The Faith & Mission Vicariate exists to help people deepen their faith and to discern their Mission, offering discernment programmes for this.

We take seriously the vision of Church from Pope Francis that we all need to formed in the ‘art of accompaniment’. We are here to walk alongside and journey with those who are seeking to get close to Christ and to live a faith-filled life.

The Church is filled with the baptised who have been chosen by God to serve. Many of our parishes are enriched by the ministry of these faithful people.

As a principle the Vicariate for Faith & Mission wants to support and enhance the ministry carried out locally.

One of the ways to develop local ministry is by networking those involved in certain fields. Here there is an opportunity to share good practice and resources. Through mutual listening there is also the opportunity to build up confidence and to design training and resources where people feel there are gaps.

"Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Matthew 28:19

Vicariate for Faith & Mission

Living the Faith

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How to contact the Vicariate for Faith & Mission:


Tel: 0191 243 3316 (office*) or 07375 934713 (mobile)

*Your call may be automatically diverted to the mobile number.

Admin office hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

Vicariate contacts

Episcopal VicarMgr Andrew Faley
Vicariate Co-ordinatorAmy Cameron
Vicariate Senior AdministratorMark Hindmarsh
Vicariate Administration TeamAmy McDonagh and Emma Wynne

Vicariate leads

Accompaniment: Bereavement Listening Service (Emmaus)Chris Smith (Co-ordinator)
Accompaniment: HealingFr Kevin Dixon
Accompaniment: Marriage CareDeacon Rob Wareing
Deepening Our Faith: Adult FormationFr Sean Hall
Deepening Our Faith: CatechesisDeacon Martin Bell
Deepening Our Faith: Formation PathwaysTBC
Deepening Our Faith: Spiritual Direction/AccompanimentSr Sheila McNamara
Dialogue & Unity: Bishop’s RepresentativeFr Marc Lyden-Smith
Dialogue & Unity: EcumenismFr Marc Lyden-Smith
Dialogue & Unity: Interreligious RelationsFr Mariadass Pagyasamy
Family & Sacraments: MarriageDeacon Rob Wareing
Family & Sacraments: Family LifeTBC
Family & Sacraments: Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, First Holy Communion & Confirmation)Deacon Martin Bell
Liturgy: Diocesan Church Music AssociationAlison McLean (Co-ordinator)
Liturgy: Lay Liturgical Ministry and PrayerFr Adrian Dixon

Angela Joyce (Co-ordinator)

Liturgy: Reflection Writing TeamFrederique Gill (Co-ordinator)
Liturgy: The Association of the EucharistMoira Potts (Co-ordinator)
New to the Faith (RCIA)Fr Adrian Dixon

Angela Joyce (Co-ordinator)

Sharing the Faith: Charismatic Renewal (CHARIS)Fr Shaun O’Neill

John Wheeler (Co-ordinator)

Sharing the Faith: EvangelisationCanon Michael Griffiths
Sharing the Faith: Evangelisation, SycamoreMike Weetman (Co-ordinator)