The Laudato Si’ Movement produces a monthly reflection, which incorporates resources and reflections on aspects of Laudato Si’ and ecological conversion.

This month, our December Encounter features:

  • Monthly intention
  • How people in Fiji are facing climate change
  • Hearing Creation’s Cry
  • Hearing Creation’s Song
  • Ecological conversion story
  • Inspiring Saint
  • Advent with Pope Francis and Laudato Si’: Preparing for the Good News

Full details are to be found in the Monthly Prayer Guide, which is sure to inspire you in your ongoing ecological conversion. A pdf version is also available to download here.

We understand better the importance and meaning of each creature if we contemplate it within the entirety of God’s plan.

LS 86

Prayer for the Islands

Creator God of the Universe God of the living land and seas and all they carry Through the power of Your Word, You created the islands With Your outpouring love, You have given them to us as a gift To become a source of life, our identity and sustenance And You commanded us to become good stewards of the land and the seas of the islands.

Ever loving and compassionate and merciful God Look not on our shortcomings and failures before You We have abused the gifts You have given us Both the land and the seas are bleeding and crying We have become irresponsible stewards of the islands As our greed, selfish consumerist culture subdues our love and care for the land and oceans Turn Your ear, O merciful Lord, and hear the cries of the islands Strengthen our resolve to turn away from our sinful ways We have destroyed the land and oceans Through our corrupt agricultural practices, pollution, mining and deforestation in the islands.

Renew our commitment to become better stewards of our homelands floating on vast oceans. Our hearts lament, crying out for Your healing hands, O Lord. God of life, heal Your wounded earth May Your Spirit empower us to choose the road less travelled The road that leads us to life and sustainable living Equitable living with others, especially the poorest among us And maintaining the balance with the ecosystems surrounding us.

Continuously guide us in the paths of righteousness and justice So that we may enjoy again Your love and grace in the land and the seas. This we ask in the name of the One who came, that we may have life in its fullness, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

By Paulo Baleinakorodawa, member of the LSM Global Membership Council and LSM Oceania Chapter, Fiji Islands.

Prayer from the Laudato Si’ Movement Prayer Book, available on page 54, which you can download here.

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