North East Catholic History Society (NECHS)

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The Society was founded in July 1974 to promote research into the history of the Roman Catholic Church in the north eastern counties of England – a geographical term which is taken to cover the eastern half of the country between the rivers Tweed and Humber. The Society is independent but it enjoys the patronage of the Bishops of Hexham and Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

The interests of the Society extend from the mediaeval period to the recent past and cover all aspects of the Church’s life – biographical, cultural, institutional, architectural and sociological.

Each year, the Society arranges a programme of five afternoon talks between autumn and spring, and two coach excursions to places of Catholic interest in the northern region during summer.

The Society publishes the substantial illustrated periodical Northern Catholic History, more than fifty editions of which have appeared since the inception of the Society, making it one of the longest running local Catholic history journals in the country. Back issues of recent numbers are available. The Editor always welcomes proposals for articles in future editions.

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Northern Catholic History Society Magazine

The magazine is sent free to members, or is available by subscription £7, post paid. To subscribe contact Margaret Henderson by email or telephone her on 0191 270 1065.

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Edition no. 1 (Spring 1975)
Edition no. 2 (Autumn 1975)
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Edition no. 11 (Spring 1980)
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Edition no. 19 (Spring 1984)
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Edition no. 24 (Autumn 1986)
Edition no. 25 (Spring 1987)
Edition no. 26 (Autumn 1987)
Edition no. 27 (Spring 1988)
Edition no. 28 (Autumn 1988)
Edition no. 29 (Spring 1989)
Edition no. 30 (Autumn 1989)

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Rev. Canon Michael Brown, B.A., J.C.L., Ph.D.
Tel: 0191 477 1631.


Rt Rev. Stephen Wright, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle
Rt Rev. Terence P. Drainey, Bishop of Middlesbrough.

Mrs Margaret Henderson

Tel: 0191 270 1065

(for general information, membership, etc.)