Mary arose and went with haste

Based on Luke 1: 39

The theme, which we share with Flame 2023, reflects a call to stand up again, together, to find fresh strength and to help others to rise up too. It reminds us that as young people we must commit again to use the energy, gifts, talents we have in new ways.

In August 2023 Pope Francis will gather with hundreds of thousands of young people for World Youth Day, in Lisbon, and the theme there is the verse from Luke’s Gospel: “Mary arose and left with haste” (Lk 1: 39). Our theme is consciously linked to this.

In November 2020, Pope Francis called for a relaunch of World Youth Day (previously celebrated annually on Palm Sunday) and moving forward asks the global Catholic community to celebrate locally on the Solemnity of Christ the King, which on this year falls on Sunday 20 November 2022.

It will be a day for the world to recognise and celebrate young people in our local church communities, whether that be through school, at home, or of course in church. For us, in England and Wales, there will be a number of resources made available for all settings including home, school, parish, university and individual.

Everyone is also invited to join in with World Youth FUNday on Friday 18 November, a live interactive day of quizzes, prayer, input and activities for schools and families, all live-streamed on the CYMFed YouTube channel and to participate in local activities using the WYD resources on Sunday 20 November 2022.

The Youth Ministry Trust (YMT) have shared the following information and useful links for our schools and parishes.

World Youth FUNday (for schools)

Live-streamed event on Friday 18 November (Youth Friday) – YMT have been involved in organizing this livestreamed whole-day event, and you’ll spot familiar faces from our team throughout the day alongside brilliant musicians and speakers from The Mark10 Mission, SVP, The Briars and Westminster Diocese. Join us for the whole day of prayer and activities or drop in and out as you can, there is a registration link here.

Click here for plenty of Primary and Secondary resources produced by YMT in liaison with the World Youth Funday team, which you can use on the day, before or after too. The theme this year was selected by Pope Francis “Mary arose and went with haste” basked on Luke 1: 39, introducing the story of Mary rushing to visit her cousin Elizabeth, so there are a number of resources which may be of use in Advent too.

World Youth Sunday (for parishes)

If your parish is celebrating Youth Sunday, again, there are plenty of resources available here including a guide for writing bidding prayers and a Spotify playlist of hymns and worship music linked to the theme of “Rise up” and the coinciding celebration of Christ the King.