NIM’s workplace chaplains share a few reflections in November 2021.

NIM’s workplace chaplains write;

“We are now well into Autumn with darker mornings and nights, the most amazing colours on the trees and colder weather! Life has given us more of a sense of ‘normal’ over these last couple of months, as we continue to journey alongside Covid. Children often ask on a journey ‘are we there yet?’ and as regards Covid unfortunately the answer is ‘no not yet’! However, alongside the difficulties, it has been heartening to see how much effort we have all given to adapting to, and making the best of, the challenges we’ve been presented with. Workplaces have remodelled, and individuals have done their best to keep up with the changes – at times with personal sacrifice and difficulties. We have already travelled far together (though our personal journeys and stories will be very different) – let’s hope the next months bring us closer to the destination we are all hoping for and a life more like the one we used to know. In the meantime please remember that chaplains are available to support you along the way – to share your joys and celebrations and with a listening ear if things are tough. Here are a few ‘Reflections’ & we hope they bring some comfort, support and maybe even a smile! Our contact details are below and it is always lovely to hear from you!”

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