Update from the Vicariate

This month, the Vicariate has a particular focus on sharing our faith, evangelisation. There are key conversations taking place nationally around how we share our faith and evangelise in the Church of today. Events such as the ‘Catholic Voices national conference: Sharing the Church’s Story, refocusing on Mission’ that is taking place on Saturday 17 September 2022 will help with Diocesan reflection which aims to support local faith development.

The third weekend this September celebrates Evangelii Gaudium Sunday, formerly known as Home Mission Sunday. This weekend is named after Pope Francis’ first (solo) Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of the Gospel; this offers the Catholic community in England and Wales the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our faith and our commitment to witness to the fullness of life in Christ. Collectively these two events remind us that the Church exists for mission and witness.

We continue on our Synod journey through September as we move into this second listening phase. We have a collective responsibility to participate in communion in our mission as the whole body of the Church. As a Diocese, synodality takes place through relationships so it requires local initiative and development, we are continuing to encourage everyone to take the time to pray, reflect and listen. Over the coming weeks further resources to support synodality will be added to our website, please visit our Synod section of the website for news and resources.

Amy Cameron

Year of the Eucharist

This Diocesan Year aims to celebrate the Eucharist at the heart of the life and mission of the Church and to gather people back to the Mass and the Sacraments. The Diocesan vision for this time is that we grow in our love and appreciation of the Eucharist, that we deepen our appreciation of its celebration through the liturgy. We hope to revitalise and renew our faith through a deepening of prayer and Eucharistic devotion inspiring us to go out and to serve the world through the nourishment we receive.

Visit our website for more information about the Year of the Eucharist.

Unpacking the Mass Reflections

As part of the Year of the Eucharist, the Vicariate for Faith & Mission has brought together a series of faith-filled reflections written by people from across the Diocesan family that unpack what a certain part of the Mass means to them. ‘Unpacking the Mass‘ is now available to read or download here.

Bishop Robert’s Reflections are available on the Year of the Eucharist page.

Blessed Carlo Acutis In The Year Of The Eucharist

Blessed Carlo Acutis had a great passion for the Eucharist and spent a lot of time prior to his death at the age of 15 sharing this passion with others. Beginning on 12 September, we will be celebrating the life and work of Blessed Carlo Acutis on the Diocesan social media channels.

Holy Hour

The Association of the Eucharist will host their monthly Holy Hour on Sunday 4 September from 2.30pm to 3.30pm at St Andrew’s, Worswick Street, Newcastle. Refreshments follow the Holy Hour and everyone is welcome to join us.

Liturgical Formation / Days of Reflection

The Diocesan Liturgy team are planning more Liturgy courses for formation and Days of Reflection for the Autumn, including:

  • Courses for new Readers and new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  • A study day for leaders of Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
  • Days of Reflection for Readers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  • Refresher evenings for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Liturgy Courses / Days confirmed:

Tuesday 13 September 2022 – Formation for new Readers (Day 2 on 17 September). View here.

Saturday 24 September 2022 – Day of Reflection for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (an alternative date will be offered in October). View here.

Wednesday 28 September 2022 – Refresher evening for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (this day will take place in the north of the Diocese). View here.

Monday 3 October 2022 – Formation for New Liturgical Leaders of Celebrations of the Word and Holy Communion. View here. (NB. Day 2 on Monday 10 October and Day 3 on Monday 17 October)

Tuesday 4 October 2022 – Refresher evening for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (this day will take place in the South of the Diocese). View here.

Saturday 8 October 2022 – Day of Reflection for Readers of the Liturgy of the Word. View here.

Saturday 15 October 2022 – Day of Reflection for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. View here.

Wednesday 26 October 2022 – Formation for new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. View here. (NB. Day 2 on Wednesday 2 November and Day 3 on Saturday 5 November)

Saturday 12 November 2022 – Study Day for Children’s Liturgy of the Word. View here.

Saturday 26 November 2022 – Day of Reflection for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. View here.

Further information about each of the courses/events, along with booking information, is available on Liturgy and Prayer webpage.

Music Workshop

The Diocesan Church Music Association (DCMA) invite you to attend a short workshop led by Alison McLean (Director of Music at St Cuthbert’s, Durham) and Paul Berry (Director of Music at St Mary’s, Hexham). The workshop will explore new music for the communion procession; Responsorial songs for Cantor and Assembly by Nick Baty. For more information about the workshop and to book your place, please click here.

Charismatic Diocesan Service of Communion (CDSC)

Our next event will be on Saturday 22 October 2022 at St Augustine’s Church, Darlington, with the theme ‘You are my beloved child‘. The day will start in the Church Hall at 11.00am and conclude with Mass beginning at 2.00pm in the Church and a final blessing. The event is being planned in partnership with the Bethany Prayer Group. It will include praise and worship and testimony provided by sisters and brothers from the Cleveland & South Durham Vicariate. For further details of the event view here or ring the Vicariate for Faith & Mission on 07375 934713. To book your place at this event, please click here.

John Wheeler
Charismatic Diocesan Service of Communion for the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

A Compass for Renewal in the Church

The Emmanuel Catholic Charismatic Community invite you for a time of sharing and prayer on Saturday 5 November 2022 with the Right Reverend Bishop David Oakley, Bishop of Northampton. The event is taking place at St Mary’s Catholic School, Benton Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7PE. To book, please contact Pat Kennedy by email:  pat.kennedy42@icloud.com or tel: 0191 284 1690.

Full event details are available here.

Dialogue & Unity

Faith and Food Celebration

A reminder that our ‘Faith and Food‘ event takes place on Thursday 22 September at 7.00pm at English Martyrs’ parish hall, Stamfordham Road, Newcastle, NE5 3JR. This event will unite people from the various faith communities in our Diocese, with a representative from each faith giving a short talk about the importance of spiritual and physical food in our lives. Refreshments will be served at this event. For more information and to confirm your attendance, please email: interreligious.relations@diocesehn.org.uk.

White Ribbon Sunday – Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

White Ribbon Sunday is in support of victims of domestic violence, which will take place in Hexham Abbey on Sunday 20 November at 4.30pm. This has been organised by Viv Frost, chaplain to Northumbria Police.

Holocaust Commemorations

For many years, the Interreligious Relations Team has held annual Holocaust Memorial events working closely with our Diocesan secondary schools. During the pandemic, we were able to offer online events with the support of our schools and the Diocese. In 2023, we hope to hold our commemorations before an audience once again.

The theme for 2023 is ‘Ordinary People‘, highlighting; The ordinary people who let genocide happen, how easy it is to become bystanders; The ordinary people who became rescuers, and those who stood up for the persecuted; A reminder of the consequences that occur if we do not make a conscious decision to stand up against prejudice and persecution.

More information will be available in the coming months regarding confirmation of venues, dates and times.

A Report on the Christian and Muslim ‘Pray for Peace’ event

We were very glad to be able to meet in person for our Christian and Muslim women’s prayer event in St Mary’s Chapel in Jesmond on Saturday 25 June. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day, and those there commented on a very pleasant, friendly and prayerful atmosphere. It was wonderful that Christine Wickens, one of the event’s founders, could join us from her care home.

It was good to chat over refreshments in the Holy Name hall afterwards. We exchanged information about the rosary and the Muslim tasbih, and also shared our gratitude for the beauty of God’s creation and the opportunity to meet again after the difficult experience of the pandemic.

It was quite special to honour Mary and to pray for peace in the tranquil setting of St Mary’s Chapel – once an important medieval shrine to Our Lady. Click here to view some photos, which give a flavour of the event.

Bereavement Support

Whilst bereavement is extremely hard at any time, the time spent in lockdown when funerals had to take place in very restricted circumstances have taken their toll on so many. Whilst family and friends can be immensely supportive, sometimes a bereaved person wants to talk to someone outside of their immediate circle. The Emmaus Bereavement Support Team, trained in the Ministry of Consolation, is available to support those who wish to talk about their loss. Due to current restrictions, such conversations will most likely take place on the phone, but we hope as restrictions ease, it may be possible for people to meet face-to-face again.

Since the launch of this service, there have been a number of requests for support, and several of our listeners have been able to accompany others on their journey of loss and bereavement.

The Emmaus Bereavement Support Service number is 07732 980740 a member of the team will contact you promptly.


Father Sean Hall continues to offer his weekly reflections on the Sunday Readings and Pat Kennedy her monthly reflections, both available to read online or download in the Prayer Resources section.

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