Vicariate for Education Update (April 2024)

April 1 2024

The implementation of the Religious Education Directory

All our Diocesan Catholic schools have welcomed the arrival of the new Religious Education Directory (RED) into our schools. Secondary schools have already implemented it with great success, using resources from Hodder and Oxford University Press.

However, our primary schools are yet to do this as they require a resource to support the implementation. There has been great excitement from all Catholic Education Trusts (CETs) at the opportunity that this may bring for all our Catholic primary schools to collaborate to write our own Diocesan resource. Our Diocese boasts a rich geographical and historical culture incorporating the lives of great saints including Cuthbert, Oswald, Bede and Hilda. This resource would be able to capture this and bring it alive.

Furthermore, it would be a great time for all our Diocesan schools to join once again. Schools are working very well within their CETs, but it is important that they still operate as a Diocesan family of schools. Jointly writing this resource would facilitate this.

Our schools also have great numbers of staff with superb subject knowledge and exceptional skills who would be ideal to write a resource that would make religious education come alive for our children, enabling teachers to deliver this exceptional curriculum in engaging ways.

The importance of ‘good Catholic schools’ has not diminished over time. Whilst their educational structure and forms have had to adapt to political and social changes, the mission of Catholic schools remains unchanged. At the heart of that mission is good religious education. Similarly, while changes in culture and society have presented new challenges for Catholic school leaders and teachers, their role as religious educators remains as vital today as ever to the mission of Catholic schools.

To Know You More Clearly
Religious Education Directory for Catholic Schools,
Academies and Colleges in England and Wales

We are delighted that Bishop Stephen and the Diocesan Board of Trustees have agreed for this resource to be produced, enabling collaboration of all schools across our Diocese. This will enable the RED to be implemented fully in all primary schools by September 2026. Please keep all of the writers in your prayers.