Governments from around the world will come together in Montreal from 7 – 19 December to agree on a new set of goals to guide global action through to 2030 to halt and reverse nature loss.

Nature is critical to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Adoption of a bold global biodiversity framework that addresses the key drivers of nature loss is urgently needed to secure our own health and well-being alongside that of the planet.

What needs to happen at the conference referred to as COP15:

  • Adoption of an equitable and comprehensive global biodiversity framework matched by the resources needed for implementation.
  • Clear targets to address overexploitation, pollution, fragmentation and unsustainable agricultural practices.
  • A plan that safeguards the rights of indigenous peoples and recognizes their contributions as stewards of nature.
  • Finance for biodiversity and alignment of financial flows with nature to drive finances toward sustainable investments and away from environmentally harmful ones.

For further information about COP15 and to follow progress:

In delivering on biodiversity, we deliver on climate, on pollution, on the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, and on the food and energy system transformation. So let us ensure that COP15 will be remembered as the moment we finally set our societies and economies on the path to rebuilding the biodiversity upon which we all rely.

Inger Andersen - UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director

Photo Source: UNEP / Stephanie Foote