Outstanding behaviour, attitudes, leadership and management at a Newcastle school have been highlighted in a recent Ofsted report. St George’s Catholic Primary School has happy pupils who thrive in a culture built on kindness, and classrooms are focused places to learn, the report says.

The school’s leaders and staff have high expectations of the behaviour and attitudes of all pupils, and overall the inspection body awarded it a Good status.

Leaders, trustees and local governors have high aspirations for all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They are united in their drive and ambition for pupils to flourish and develop confidence to achieve whatever they set their minds to,” the report says.

Two of the five key areas outlined by Ofsted were awarded outstanding with the remaining three all good.

We believe that St George’s is a very special place and the relationships we develop with our children and their families enables us to create our distinctive Catholic ethos,” said Executive Headteacher Mrs Anne Bullerwell.

We are all proud of our school and are delighted that the recent inspection highlighted the good work put in by everyone associated with St George’s Catholic Primary School. We have made a lot of changes over the last 18 months and want the very best for all our children.

Adults plan the environment carefully so children are engaged in the early years as soon as they come into school. This is backed with a strong focus on ensuring they are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary.

Children make a secure start in learning to read. Staff are knowledgeable about the provision for the children. Routines are well established and children are polite and kind to each other,” the report says.

Pupils are excited about the newly-developed, well-resourced library. There are themed days to ‘hook’ the children and develop a love of reading. Pupils spoke enthusiastically about the ‘Oliver Twist’ day when everyone, including staff, dressed-up as a character from the book.

The curriculum has been improved across the full range of subjects and the knowledge and skills pupils will learn, and revisit, are mapped out in well-defined steps, the report adds.

“The curriculum supports children to be confident, resilient and independent. Pupils have many opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world around them. They are extremely proud of their school.”

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Images are re-produced with the kind permission of Kate Buckingham.