We have been asked to clarify the nature of this exercise.

This group of listening exercises (from 10 – 14 July) is the first of two phases.

In this first phase the invitation is for us, as the laity, to reflect together on how we have been affected by recent Diocesan events. The time will be spent sharing with one another what our personal experience has been and the impact of recent events on us. This is principally a way in which we can journey together and a written summary of what is heard at the four meetings will be shared with Archbishop McMahon. This will provide some insight into the experience and feelings of the laity of the Diocese at this time.

The meetings will not be about information sharing; no information will be offered that isn’t already in the public domain. The meetings will not be focused on problem solving. In this first phase the emphasis will be on reflecting together about how recent events are affecting us.

The second phase in the Autumn will focus on the future and will explore the kind of Diocese we want to become. Further information on this will be shared in September.