It was a numbers game when St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Newcastle celebrated World Maths Day. The pupils at the primary school, which is part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, enjoyed maths-themed activities throughout the day, and even came to school in maths-related costumes.

St Catherine’s Maths Lead, Fiona Craggs, explained: “A lot of the children made their own costumes – there was a Rubik’s cube, a maths book, and some children put maths symbols, numbers and patterns on their clothes. Children also dressed as Times Tables Rock Stars, which is an app we use to promote the teaching of times tables, where the children get a rock star avatar and can compete against each other in times tables contests.

Among the maths-based activities on offer on March 23 were board games such as Bingo, a version of Jenga which featured maths questions, Snakes and Ladders, memory games, Dominoes, Snap, and ‘Mathopoly’, where the children had to answer maths problems to collect houses.

The youngsters also put their maths skills to good use in the kitchen, measuring out ingredients to make a variety of different recipes.

Mrs Craggs said: “Some classes made cupcakes, some biscuits, some pancakes and some waffles – the focus was to measure the ingredients. In one class they made pizzas and cut them into fractions.

Other activities saw the children measuring the sports hall with their bodies and a trundle wheel, as well as creating algebraic and other mathematical art.

World Maths Day is important because we need to build up the profile of maths as a lot of people can have negative attitudes towards it,” added Mrs Craggs. “Having extra-curricular events helps to build up children’s enjoyment for a subject, and also helps to boost young people’s confidence to interact socially with others, as well as helping to boost self-esteem and create broader interests.

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