Exceptionally well-behaved pupils, an ambitious curriculum and opportunities to develop have all helped a Newcastle school achieve Outstanding ratings across the board following a recent inspection. St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School has a “vision that all pupils who attend will ‘shine in little ways’. However, the school does this in a big way. Staff ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to shine,” says the report.

With 209 pupils on the roll aged from four to 11, the school is part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust and was inspected last November.

Pupils behave exceptionally well. Lessons are purposeful. Pupils work hard without interruption or distraction. Attitudes to learning are overwhelmingly positive. Many pupils speak of their love of the subjects that they study. Pupils are very confident that staff will swiftly resolve any issues that may arise. Pupils report that staff have a ‘sixth sense’ and know when they need help or support,” the report says.

Headteacher Vinny Turner said: “As a school, we are obviously delighted with the recent inspection outcome. It is testament to the dedicated governors, school staff and the amazing children we have at St. Teresa’s that their hard work and determination have been recognised in our report. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our parents and the wider community who continue to support us in all that we do for our children at St. Teresa’s.

The ambitious curriculum begins in the early years and the school ensures pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities study the same curriculum as their classmates and are fully included in school life.

Support given to pupils with SEND in lessons is superb, enabling them to participate fully in lessons,” the report says.

Staff know pupils very well and use regular assessment to ensure they have a ‘precise understanding’ of pupils’ knowledge and what they need to learn next. They provide the most appropriate work for each pupil.

Staff are ambitious that all pupils will become experts in each subject. The curriculum is designed to enable pupils to build precise knowledge of how to work like a historian, or problem-solve like a mathematician. Staff use subject-specific vocabulary from the early years,” the inspectors noted.

Personal development is praised as ‘exemplary’ and pupils have a deep understanding of the fundamental British values. They are tolerant and respectful while contributing significantly to the local community, the report adds.

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