Missio is very excited for the upcoming beatification of one of our founders, Venerable Pauline Jaricot, on 22 May 2022 in Lyon, France. This will be a day of prayer and celebration for the global Missio family, and the whole Church.

Born in 1799, Pauline Jaricot was a remarkable young lay woman with formidable faith. Through her resolution and strong beliefs, she founded Missio’s Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF) aged just 23 years, which makes her one of Missio’s founders.

The England and Wales branch of the APF was formed in 1825 and Pauline’s legacy continues here today through the Red Box scheme, which is a partnership between Missio and the Mill Hill Missionaries.

Beatification is the penultimate stage in the journey to sainthood. For this step to take place, a miracle through the candidate’s intercession must be recognised. In Pauline’s case this happened in May 2012.

Mayline’s story

Mayline Tran, from Lyon, was just three and a half years old when she choked on a piece of food. Mayline lay in a coma, hooked up to respiratory machines. Her devastated parents had begun looking for a child-sized coffin. The doctors advised her parents to stop life support. But instead, Mayline’s mother Nathalie, along with students and parents at Mayline’s school, began to pray a Novena to Pauline Jaricot for her recovery. Soon afterwards, the doctors were surprised to confirm that Mayline’s condition had altered.

Mayline was released from the hospital in December 2012, fully healed.

Doctors have been unable to explain the change in her health. Mayline’s parents are convinced of the intervention of Pauline Jaricot. A diocesan enquiry occurred in 2019, where a medical board validated the miracle of healing, and the Theological Commission certified the intervention of Pauline Jaricot in the full recovery of little Mayline.

Mayline’s miracle has led to Pauline Jaricot’s Beatification. For the final step, sainthood, a second miracle will need to be recognised.

Our celebration in England and Wales

Missio is filled with joy at this special event, which recognises a woman who has shown us that small and simple initiatives, which bring people together in prayer and faith, really can change the world.

You can find more details of Pauline’s life, and download resources to celebrate this wonderful occasion with your parish or community at https://missio.org.uk/Pauline
In England and Wales, Missio will be holding special Masses throughout the year across the dioceses. You can find details of these at https://missio.org.uk/mission-masses-and-events/.

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