After listening to the community of North Shields and the children at St Cuthbert’s School, Tyne and Wear Citizens realised there was an issue with Alexander Scott Park, it was not a nice place to visit and lacked play equipment and bins. With the help of the community they held a litter pick event which made the council listen. Now they have bins and swings and more to come! 

A celebration was held on 15th September in the park to thank the council and Councillor Bruce Pickard for all of their support, and all have agreed to work together in the future to maintain and better the local surroundings. The children at St. Cuthbert’s School have put information posters around the park and planted wildflowers to further enhance the area. 

 Nicola Grogan of North Tyneside Council she said it was fantastic working with Tyne and Wear Citizens and the local community. ‘We cannot know if there is a problem if nobody tells us. This has been an amazing outcome and is lovely seeing everyone come together, we are willing to work with you in the future’ 

 Parish priest of North Shields, Fr. Chris Hughes is delighted with the outcome and commented ‘at times politics is not always about protesting but giving thanks and celebrating’. 

 The event has shown the local residents that you can make change if you come together to achieve it. 

"At times politics is not always about protesting but giving thanks and celebrating."

Fr. Chris Hughes