Across the Diocese many parishes and schools are responding to the call of Pope Francis to take some time to consider how we can respond to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

A number of parishes have signed up with the Inter-Diocesan Fuel Management group to purchase greener energy (and reduce their costs). Others are looking at ways of reducing their energy bills by reducing consumption, using LED lighting, increasing insulation and using less. The CAFOD Live Simply campaign has many suggestions as to how both parishes and individuals can do this.

Some have decided to get their hands dirty and utilise their grounds to become both beautiful and productive. By planting trees that produce fruit both for the natural world to benefit and for human consumption, by introducing plants that provide what our native species need we are beginning to green the Diocese. Click on the button opposite to read some of their stories, which may inspire you to ask, “What can we do?

Our contributors include:

St Joseph’s School, Birtley, St Joseph’s, Blaydon, St Michael’s, Esh, St Peter’s Parish, Gateshead, St Anne’s, Winlaton, the Laudato Si’ Gardening Group and Minsteracres Retreat Centre.

These are just a few of the many initiatives, which are taking place across the Diocese. If you would like to share your parish/school/personal story, please do get in touch by email: