We continue to reflect on what is happening in the world around us, nationally and internationally. All of the current issues are starting to affect everyone here at home. We understand all of these issues as it affects us all. We are keen to ensure that those who are worst-off in our society and those we help through the project, those seeking asylum in the UK and new refugees, that they are not forgotten in this period. One big difference that can be made is to offer a gift aid in support of your donations. If you are a tax payer in the UK please complete a form here, or you can request one from our treasurer Marjory: marjory.knowles@gmail.com or by phone: 07929 343418.

We continue to welcome clients from various countries and were so pleased to be told that a family we have supported from Afghanistan and who were sent to Newcastle as part of the evacuation process have now had their ‘Leave to Stay’ confirmed. We are delighted for them, but also pleased to have been able to help them. The mother of the family said that upon arrival in the area the support they received from the Refugee Project was crucial for her family.

And the need for this support continues; in the last month we have welcomed a further 35 (thirty-five) new clients in need of food to supplement their meagre allowance. The need for toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gels, deodorants, shampoo, conditioners and washing powders as well as cooking oil, coffee and rice is as strong as ever. The full list of items required is here.

We never know the extent to which our help will be needed. Recently we were contacted by a clients who has now received leave to remain, which we are very pleased about. But he advised that he had lost all contact with an organisation he was looking to help him. He does not have a lower arm and it was important for him to get back in touch with the organisation he hoped would be able to provide a lower prosthetic limb to him. Azad managed to get the information pulled together and researched how to get in touch. After several attempts to sort this out he finally managed to get to the right person, re-establish contact for the client and to get agreement that they would resurrect his case to help sort out the prosthetic arm. This shows that we are increasing our abilities to do more for the clients. Well done Azad!

National Justice and Peace Network: On 24 September, David Archibald will represent the Steering Group at this ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ network event hosted by the North East Co-ordinating Council. He will be followed by Azad taking about client experiences in this area. A very worthwhile event, please see details here: https://www.justice-and-peace.org.uk.

We are grateful for all the help; spiritual, physical and financial. The details of our bank account (DHN Justice & Peace Refugee Project) can be found on our webpage. If your donation is by cheque please send this to St Vincent’s Centre, New Bridge Street, Newcastle NE1 2TQ for the attention of Azad Hasan. Please remember to include a contact name and address when sending in a financial donation to the centre and please remember about the possibility of Gift-Aiding.

For more details about our work and how you can assist, please contact Azad Hasan by email: azad.hasan@diocesehn.org.uk or tel: 07407 091184 or visit our webpage.

Thank you.