The stark news from Ukraine continues to remind us of the plight of many who are forced from their homes to seek refuge in foreign lands. The welcome they receive may act as a glimmer of hope and a sign of human compassion in otherwise desperate circumstances. We will, of course, offer a warm welcome to Ukrainian refugees who arrive in our communities – as well as to those people we currently serve. Already this year your support has enabled the project to welcome and provide for 95 new clients from 22 different countries – most notably Iraq, Sudan, Syria and El Salvador.

We are once again able to encourage clients to stay and socialise, as they did at the project before the pandemic. To this end we will be providing playing cards and board games on the tables – games which do not rely heavily on a shared language – e.g. dominoes, puzzles, chess sets, Connect Four etc.  If you have any to donate, we would be grateful to receive them.  We also need easy/illustrated dictionaries for the increasing number of learners attending our informal English lessons – as well as unlocked mobile phones for those clients who need one.

The SVP are currently appealing for clothing, all types of household items and soft furnishings (not furniture). The SVP and the Justice and Peace Refugee Project work collaboratively to respond to requests from our clients for such items.

We are keen to hear from potential volunteers – available between 9.45am and 11.45am Wednesday and/or Friday to fulfil a new role –  meeting and greeting our clients as they arrive, providing refreshments and encouraging the social aspects of the project. Our volunteers make a huge impact – as expressed powerfully by one of our clients recently:

Hello, my friends and I are very pleased with your organisation for helping refugees. We hope to make up for it one day. You are doing whatever you can to help us and this is very sacred. Thank you and God bless you.”

Please remember that the project will not be open for deliveries on Easter Monday. If you have donations to deliver, ideally the previous Monday would be very helpful.

For more details about our work and how you can assist, please contact Sara Harris, Project Co-ordinator at or 07407 091184 or visit our webpage – which also includes details of how to make financial donations. Please note, we occasionally receive cheques made payable to our old bank account – please use DHN, Justice & Peace Refugee Project – and please spread the word to others in your parish.