Action around the Sustainable Development Goals

Eleven people from our Diocese travelled the Hayes Centre in Swanwick Derbyshire for this year’s National Justice and Peace Network conference.

The theme this year was around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how, if they were enacted as agreed by 193 countries, both humanity and our common home would greatly benefit, and we could achieve a sustainable future for all.

Sir John Battle, one of the keynote speakers, spoke about the need for political action and the imperative to remind our own Government that, as a signatory to the SDGs, it is time they delivered on their commitments. With the General Election likely to be in 2024, each Political Party will be considering their manifestos this Autumn, which provides an opportunity to make our voices heard.

This idea was taken up by the Conference on the last morning when it was proposed that NJPN should draft a letter to be sent to members asking them to send the letter on to their MP. The letter would include a specific request that a commitment to the UK’s net zero emissions target by 2050 and a re-commitment to the SDGs, be included in party manifestos.

The letter below has been approved by our Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council for own network. As a Council, we recognise that urgent action is required to address the climate and ecological crisis and secure a viable future for everyone who shares our common home. Such action must involve the whole of society as Pope Francis has stated in Laudato Si’, but that must include political action and the next election is vital to our future.

Hence, we invite you to print this letter (with any amendments you may wish to make) and to send it to your MP by post preferably or via email.

Please ensure you include your address when contacting your MP to demonstrate that you are a constituent.

Prayer Vigil at Derwentside Immigration Removal Centre (DIRC)

We continue to hold monthly Interfaith Prayer Vigils at the barrier to Derwentside Immigration Removal Centre.

The purpose is to pray for the women who are detained there, to stand in solidarity with them and to witness by our presence that their detention is inhumane, unjust and incompatible with our faith which calls us to recognise the unique dignity of each person. All are welcome to come along from 3.00 – 3.45pm for a short prayer service which incorporates a time of silence.

The postcode for the Centre on Corbridge Road, Medomsley is DH8 6QY. If you are unable to join in person, please join in prayer from home at 3.00pm. Future dates planned include; Sundays 3 September; 1 October; 5 November and 3 December.

Go to the Justice and Peace webpage on the Diocesan website where you will find more details, including an online version of the prayer vigil or email:

Diocesan Environment Group ‘Season of Creation: Rivers of Justice’ Webinar

We would also like to give you advance notice of an online event which is being organised by the Diocesan Environment Group to mark the Season of Creation which will take place via Zoom at 10.00 – 11.30am on Saturday 30 September 2023. We will be reflecting on the Season of Creation, progress made over the last few months, sharing good practice in our Schools and Parishes, looking ahead plus a Q&A session with members of the DEG.

Bishop Stephen has confirmed he is able to attend to give the opening address and participate in the event, including the Q&A session.

Click here to find out more and how you can register to take part.