The Interreligious Relations Team were pleased to announce the return of its annual Pray for Peace held in St. Mary’s Chapel, Jesmond. It is a Joint Christian / Muslim event that brings together women and young children from these communities to pray for peace. Here is a report about this year’s event.

Christians and Muslims meet in St. Mary’s Chapel. The Interreligious Relations Team adds:

“We were very glad to be able to meet in person for our Christian and Muslim women’s prayer event in St. Mary’s chapel in Jesmond on Saturday 25 June 2022. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day and those who were there commented on a very pleasant, friendly and prayerful atmosphere. It was wonderful that Christine Wickens, one of the founders of the event, was able to join us from her care home.

“It was good to be able to chat over refreshments in the Holy Name Hall afterwards. We exchanged information about the rosary and the Muslim tasbih and also shared our gratitude for the beauty of God’s creation and the opportunity to meet again after the difficult experience of the pandemic.

“It was quite special to honour Mary and to pray for peace in the tranquil setting of St. Mary’s Chapel-once an important medieval shrine to Our Lady.”

Here are some photos which give a flavour of the event.

Joint Christian and Muslim Pray for Peace Event