St Aidan’s Primary School, Wallsend have had a visit from Gabriele Keenaghan who came to England aged 12 on the Kindertransport from Austria to escape the Nazis. She comes every year to speak to their children and it is always a huge privilege to hear her speak so eloquently about her experiences of Kristallnacht and segregation under the Nazis, and as a child far from home.

The school usually send a class of Y6 children to give a presentation at the North Tyneside Holocaust Memorial event and they have even written the official song a few times over the years.

This year, the event is online. The online event takes place at 10.00am on Friday 28 January and can be viewed by clicking on the button opposite.

The children have been reflecting on putting their own faith in action and have prepared some words around this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day theme of ‘One Day’. They also wrote some poetry based on ‘First they came for…’ by Pastor Martin Niemoeller.

The following videos highlight the children of St Aidan’s, Faith in Action linked to the Holocaust Memorial Day.


North Tyneside Council Holocaust Memorial Online Event

Watch North Tyneside Council’s online Holocaust Memorial Event featuring the pupils of St Aidan’s Primary School, Wallsend on Friday 28 January 2022 from 10.00am.