Children and staff from a primary school split across three sites due to RAAC have united to win a special award. St James Catholic Primary School in Hebburn has been awarded The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)’s LiveSimply award.

The award from the official aid agency of the Catholic church in England and Wales is in response to Pope Francis’s invitation to ‘Laudato Si’ – to work with generosity and tenderness in protecting God’s world.

Despite the fact that the pupils of St James Catholic Primary School, which is part of Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust, are currently split over three sites for their education due to RAAC affecting their school building, they have worked together to demonstrate that they can “live simply, sustainable and in solidarity with the world’s poorest communities”.

Headteacher Francesca Heslop said, “I am extremely proud of the faith inspired actions of our children, staff, parents and community. Despite our most unprecedented circumstances this year, we have continued to live out our mission statement ‘As Jesus Teaches Us’, by supporting those most in need in our world.

This award celebrates what we have already done and inspires everyone to do more. LiveSimply is very much a journey which St James hope to continue as we move back into our school building and for many years to come. This is a huge achievement for St James and we hope to celebrate our success by continuing our faith inspired actions. St James’ commitment to LiveSimply is a vital part of Catholic life and the overall mission of the school and the Trust.

Special thanks to our deputy headteacher Joanna Scott, the Faith in Action Group, Mini Vinnies and for all those who have donated to the many fundraising events organised by St James, most recently, CAFOD’s big Lent Walk where we raised £2,000.

The feedback St James has received from CAFOD is they have produced “outstanding work which is a credit to the school, the community and wider Trust”.

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