Friends of the Holy Land – Press Release dated Friday 19 January 2024.

To mark the “50 Faces of the Holy Land” exhibition’s time in Norwich, special prayers will be said at evensong at Norwich Cathedral at 5.30pm on 24 January at a service attended by the Dean of St John’s Cathedral, Father Alan Hodgson and which brings the communities of Norwich’s two cathedral’s together along with the wider community of Norwich to pray for peace. All are most welcome to attend.

The Evensong service will be followed by a simple reception where there will be an opportunity to speak with Brendan Metcalfe, CEO of Friends of the Holy Land who will provide an update on the little reported news from his network of contacts in the Holy Land.

Previously displayed in the Houses of Parliament, the poignant and impactful “50 Faces of the Holy Land” exhibition showcases the resilience and faith of the Christian community of the Holy Land – traditionally defined as the area of Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan. From the news we see unfolding in our media every day we see the daily suffering of our brothers and sisters; through the exhibition, Friends of the Holy Land seek to raise awareness and support for its mission to help the Christian community in crisis. At this Evensong service we will join together in prayer for the relief of this suffering, for a ceasefire and a lasting path to peace.

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich is currently hosting the “50 Faces of the Holy Land” exhibition until 1 February 2024. The Cathedral is open daily 7.30am – 6.30pm.

For more information visit: or call the office 01926 512980.