Students at a Fenham school are helping to build a school on the other side of the world, by raising funds for a new educational centre in Kenya. ll 880 students across Years 7 to 10 at Sacred Heart Catholic High School have been taking part in the school’s Annual Charity Fun Run, which was held in the grounds of the school and the fields of neighbouring Sacred Heart Primary.

Eleanor Adams, Head of PE at Sacred Heart High, a member of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, explained: “The Fun Runs happen over the last half term with each year group completing it on a different morning. Students run 2km, a route from our school, around the primary school track, and back again.

The theme this year was ‘world-themed’, to celebrate the diversity of our school community,” she continued. “Students were asked to wear an item of clothing or an accessory related to this theme – a country’s football shirt, for example. This was the perfect way to celebrate the diversity of the many nations involved in this global community, while at the same time recognising the rich diversity of our school community and our commitment to expand our opportunities, such as through our chosen cause.

The Sacred Heart Educational Centre will be built in the Kenyan city of Eldoret – over 4,000 miles away from Fenham – and the runners are hoping to have raised £1,000 for the project.

This is one of the ways we contribute to our school charity focus, because it encourages students to go out of their comfort zone to develop resilience, and gives them the experience of running to raise money, which they may wish to do again in future,” added Mrs Adams.

The choice of this charity supports our Sacred Heart Goal of Community, as it gives students the opportunity to be part of something as a full year group, as well as allowing them to support the development of the Sacred Heart community globally. Fundraising events like this are important for the goal of community, and also a key part of the ethos of the school is charity. The fun runs are now established as annual events where everyone can be involved and contribute to something together.

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