Students lead the way to support each other with a message of ‘Be Kind‘. Students from The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College, Hartlepool, have become anti-bullying ambassadors, receiving ‘The Diana Award‘ for young people who work to improve the lives of others, offering peer-to-peer support to any child who may feel they have issues at school or with friends outside of school.

Headteacher Sara Crawshaw said, “Our school virtues include compassion and justice. We want all students to feel that they have someone to talk to when they have any difficulties. We have a strong PSHE programme and assemblies to share these values and to sign post help when a student may need extra support”. The school has joined the Anti-Bullying Association, to reinforce how important it is to ‘Be Kind‘. This partnership has seen staff and students undertake specialist training, including a recent session with former footballer Martin Gray on how to tackle racism. We are also part of the Anna Freud Programme to support Positive Mental Health.

Assistant Headteacher Glenn McLintock has led on student well-being. He has coordinated the training of over 40 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and programme of activities to create a culture that challenges bullying. Mr McLintock said, “It is wonderful to see so many students involved in supporting each other and working with professional organisations to gain accreditation for their great work. These young people are fantastic role models, and we are very proud of them”.