Following three years when the Covid pandemic caused the cancellation of the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, pilgrims will return to Lourdes this year. The Pilgrimage will travel to Lourdes Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August 2023.

Go tell the priests to build a chapel here and that people should come in procession

Our annual pilgrimage to Lourdes is a significant event in our Diocesan Calendar. Each year we take around 500 pilgrims to Lourdes, including assisted pilgrims who need our help to make the journey. As a pilgrimage family we travel together in response to the call of Our Blessed Lady to Saint Bernadette. We gather, in prayer, to serve each other, to wash in the waters of the spring and to pray to Our Lady and Saint Bernadette at the Grotto.

Lourdes Hospitalité – Can you help?

Our pilgrimage to Lourdes relies very heavily on the generosity of many people who offer their services during this special week. All of our helpers, whether in a specific profession or not, are volunteers. We seek support from medical staff to provide care to our assisted pilgrims. We need adult and youth helpers to carry out many varied roles; from supporting in the Accueil (hospital) to helping at Masses and social gatherings. We also have a music group and choir who welcome any new members. If you feel that you can offer support in any of these areas, please email us for more information at

Hospitalité at Home

You don’t need to travel to Lourdes annually to become a member of the Diocesan Hospitalité. An important part of our aims and objectives is promoting ‘Hospitalité at Home‘. We love to involve as many people as possible in our events at home. Throughout the year, we aim to keep you updated with regular newsletters to share Hospitalité news, events and fund raising opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a member please email us:

Sharing the message of Lourdes

An important part of being a member of the Hospitalité is to share the message of Lourdes, to pass on the words of Our Blessed Lady told to Saint Bernadette. Would you like some members of the Hospitalité to visit your parish and share more information after Mass or at a coffee morning? We would love to talk about our experiences and promote the work of the Hospitalité and Pilgrimage. Please email us: to arrange some suitable dates for us to visit your parish.

Booking forms are available now via the Lourdes Pilgrimage website: