Newcastle children enjoyed a close encounter with the distant past when they visited the Great North Museum and ‘met’ resident Egyptian mummies Bakt-en-hor and Irtyru. The Year 3 pupils from English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School in Fenham had been studying Ancient Egypt in class and found the subject brought to life during the trip.

It tied into our history topic of the ancient Egyptians,” said Year 3 teacher Kevin Thew, who accompanied the group, along with fellow Year 3 teachers Jayne Cook and Curtis Coalter, Teaching Assistants Kirby Turner, Marie Leathart and Ethan Smith, Apprentice Teaching Assistant Joanna Tullen, and Higher Level Teaching Assistant Rachel Surtees.

The focus was on the Ancient Egypt section, but the children also enjoyed the ancient Romans, the animal section, the ancient Greeks, and the space exhibit,” he continued. “The highlights of the trip were seeing actual mummies, the trip into the Egyptian Underworld, and looking at the ancient fossils and dinosaurs.

It was the first time that the school, which is part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, had visited the museum.

The children all loved this trip,” added Mr Thew. “Workers at the museum commented on how much they loved to hear the excitement that our children displayed. I do believe some of these children will remember things they learned on this trip for years to come. This is why these trips are not only beneficial but essential.

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