COP28: UN climate talks end with agreement to ‘transition away from fossil fuels’

The UN COP28 climate summit has ended with nearly 200 governments agreeing a call for the world to “transition away from fossil fuels”.

The COP28 agreement marks the first time all governments at a COP have formally acknowledged the world must move away from fossil fuels.

Pope Francis had urged world leaders to commit at COP28 to speed up a move away from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, with people in countries that have contributed least to causing the climate crisis being hardest hit.

COP28 ‘confirms what we need to do‘ – but more is needed on ‘how

Neil Thorns, Director of Advocacy at CAFOD, said:

COP28 has confirmed what we need to do with an explicit reference to a world without fossil fuels and support to the most vulnerable communities through the agreement of a loss and damage fund.

But with little new funding, the ‘how’ this happens in a fair and rapid way to support the needs of low-income countries whose populations are suffering from the climate crisis is far from clear. It risks pushing those countries further into a debt crisis with less funding to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

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