CAFOD have launched their latest campaign for COP28: How you can campaign to call for action on the climate crisis.

The COP28 climate summit will take place at the end of what is set to be the hottest year on record.

Leaders gathering for the 2023 UN climate talks, which start on 30 November, will be doing so in the final weeks of a year that has seen climate disasters affect communities worldwide.

Forest fires have forced people to flee homes and hotels in the Mediterranean. Floods in Libya have killed thousands. And away from the front pages, tens of millions of people in East Africa have been struggling to access food due to the worst drought in more than 40 years.

This is why Pope Francis has said the world is approaching “breaking point”. The Holy Father has warned that we are running out of time to avoid even worse climate catastrophes for people in communities that have contributed least to causing the climate emergency.

It’s crucial we add our voices to the Pope’s call for leaders at the COP in the United Arab Emirates to put the interests of our global family first. We’ve set out some of the ways you can campaign with CAFOD to call for leaders to take the action we need at the COP.

Visit CAFOD’s campaign page here for more information.

The campaign calls for action:

  • Writing to MPs, calling for political leaders at the COP28 talks to prevent the climate crisis from causing even greater tragedies for communities that have contributed least to causing it. Find out here how you can join them by writing to your MP.
  • Join a webinar this evening (Thursday 23 November) at 7.00pm to hear from CAFOD partners and experts as we look ahead to COP28 and discuss what action we need to see at the UN climate talks. Register to take part here.
  • Join supporters of CAFOD on their COP28 London March taking place on Saturday 9 December 2023. Register through Eventbrite here.

This article has been re-produced with CAFOD: COP28 article as its source, the image at the top of this article also has that article as its source.