Bishop Robert Byrne CO has released a Pastoral Letter for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, 3 April 2022:

“My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ 

As Easter approaches, we have many things to consider. Uppermost in our minds are probably the two global events which have changed our lives and that of many others: the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We feel that there is little we can do to change the situation in either case. And yet our faith in the Risen Christ gives us hope for the future. In a short time, we will relive through the liturgy the suffering, death and resurrection of the Lord. This not only gives us hope but also a new energy and vision to face the future. We are an ‘Easter people’, a people of joy and optimism. We are ready to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to share with others the peace and joy that only the Risen Christ can give. Even in the face of pandemic and war we know that sin and its consequences have been defeated for ever through the Easter mystery. ” [continued]

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