The Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter ‘Zoom’ study programme for Easter into Summer 2023 continues on Wednesday 14 June. The session is titled, ‘Reading Apostolic Succession Through Pirkei Avot’ presented by Professor Tom O’Loughlin (University of Nottingham).

A link for the Zoom talk can be obtained by clicking on the button opposite to email the Sion Centre to register your attendance. An email reminder is sent out automatically with a link to join the day before each session takes place to all those who have expressed their wish to join our sessions. The talk will take place from 2.00pm – 3.30pm.

About the Presenter:

Professor Tom specialises in the field of historical theology, which is neither the history of theology, nor church history, nor intellectual history, nor the history of ideas – though it shares methods and interests with all these disciplines. Rather it is the endeavour to do theology using the experience of the historical variety of Christian believing/living over the centuries as a key to what is important in Christians’ today making sense of their faith. It is characterized by the empiricism of historical research, but while it is retrospective in its searching, it is focused in the situation of the present. So, in a sense, the present is the prologue to the past.

You can download or view the poster here.

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