A weekend immersed in the beauty and serenity of the music of the monastic office hours. Slip into the rhythm of monastic life and let the music give you time for reflection, meditation and prayer. Sung by our schola, with the opportunity to join in singing the psalms, the music of the hours will transport you to a spiritual place while our retreat leader will give us insights into the power of liturgical music and its role in monastic life.

From the haunting psalms in the Gregorian modes, through plainsong antiphons, polyphonic Magnificats and sumptuous motets, music has for centuries added an extra spiritual dimension to the rhythm of monastic life.

This retreat is a chance to immerse yourself in the music of the Office Hours, with complementary sessions giving an insight into the plainsong, polyphony and hymnody which have evolved over the centuries to bring to life the rhythm of the Office Hours. Vespers, Compline and Mass will be sung by our schola, with the whole community joining in the psalms and responses, very similar to the traditions in a monastery or convent. Morning Prayer will be said. There will be insight sessions on the music for each Hour, a look at how composers have responded over the centuries to the liturgical seasons and a musical journey from plainsong to polyphony. There will also be an opportunity for further private study into monastic life, the musical traditions of different communities and the history of these liturgies. Sessions will be led by Dominic McGonigal, with the schola providing musical illustrations.

For further information and booking details please download the poster and programme for the weekend or contact info@minsteracres.org or call 01434 673248.

  • Date of Event 8—10 March 2024
  • Cost £250
  • Location

    Minsteracres Retreat Centre, Nr Consett, Co. Durham DH8 9RT.