Knowing how to listen is an immense grace, it is a gift which we need to ask for and then make every effort to practice.”

Pope Francis

During this weekend, we will consider the art of listening and what we might be listening for when we listen at the service of the Holy Spirit. If you are curious to engage in deeper conversations – through attentive listening and intentional speaking, this weekend may be for you. The weekend, which is led by Vron Smith and Sarah Young, will involve personal reflection, group discussions and experiential learning.

Places are limited. Please only book in if you are able to attend the whole weekend.

Dates: Saturday 17 December 2022 – Sunday 18 December 2022.
Times: Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sunday 1.00 – 4.30pm.

Suggested Donation: £50 – £150.

We would not want money to be a barrier to people discovering prayer, so please give what you can afford, but your donation will help us continue our work of making Ignatian spirituality available to as many people as possible.

To donate go to and choose ‘Ignatian Listening‘ in the Designation field.

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  • Date of Event 17—18 December 2022
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