Important Update:

Due to the on-going uncertainty of COVID-19 and the continuing rise of infection rates, having sought advice from our Health & Safety Advisor it is with regret the Diocese has decided to cancel the two Holocaust Memorial Evenings, that were due to take place on Tuesday 25 January and 27 January 2022. An online video has been produced with the support from our guest speakers and it will be premiered at 10.00am on Thursday 27 January, you can watch the video here on or after that day and time.

For many years the Diocesan Department for Interreligious Relations have held Holocaust Memorial Evenings.

We have used two host schools, St Mary’s Catholic School in Newcastle and St Michael’s Catholic Academy in Billingham, and we have also been invited to take part in a commemoration held in St Leonard’s Catholic School, Durham. We are fortunate in having the support of members of the United Hebrew Congregation from the Graham Park Road Synagogue in Gosforth, who work enthusiastically with our schools during the memorial week.

Holocaust Memorial Day is held on the 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex of camps in 1945. Over 1 million Jewish men, women and children lost their lives in these camps. In total, over 6 million were murdered during the Nazi persecution.

We acknowledge the other ‘genocides’ that have taken place during the 20th century: Armenia (1915), Cambodia (1975 – 79), Rwanda (1994), Bosnia (1992 – 95), Darfur (2003 – present) and those who are still facing terror and persecution.

We are fortunate to welcome Mrs Hanneke Dye who will be our guest speaker.

Mrs Hanneke Dye

Hanneke was born into a Jewish family, in Nazi occupied Holland, in 1943. A sympathetic doctor, realising the peril the family were in, hid her in a vacuum cleaner box for her safety. She went on to spend the first two years of her life in hiding.

The family were living with her Uncle Jeep when the Nazi’s raided the house. Fortunately for Hanneke, she was fast asleep in the vacuum cleaner box and was not discovered.

For her safety, Uncle Jeep managed to move her to a nearby Catholic Children’s home where she was looked after by a lady named Aunt Pop. This move saved her life. Whilst she was reunited with her parents after the war, tragically her grandparents were murdered in the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex.

We welcome Hanneke to our Diocese, and extend our thanks to her for giving up her time to work with us.

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  • Date of Event 27 January 2022
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    This event will now be held online.