The Diocesan Environmental Group would like to raise awareness of End/Future, a film festival at the Tyneside Cinema, focussing on topical environmental matters.

Taking place from 9 – 26 March 2023 across three long weekends, Tyneside Cinema is preparing to launch the first edition of End/Future – an annual series of films and discussions focusing on humanity’s impact on the planet, the face of environmental activism in both the North East and globally, deconstructions of Hollywood depictions of climate disaster, our very own post-apocalyptic survival school, and a variety of extraordinary, eye-opening works exploring subjects as diverse as climate anxietypost-nuclear landscapes, the resistance of communities in the Global South, the role of technology and AI in our collective future, and much else besides. Several local academics, activists and artists are taking part.

Film Programme:

End/Future is comprised of three distinct programme sections featuring screenings, discussions, and live events, taking place across three long weekends:

Part 1: Tipping Point – Life in a Time of Crisis (9-12 March) | Find out more

From the impact of climate change in the North East to the looming spectre of climate collapse, the impact of technology on our lives, climate anxiety and more, this selection of films and discussions explores how cinema evokes our current era of crisis.

Part 2: Imagined Futures – Cinema vs The End of the World (16-19 March) | Find out more

From Hollywood disaster movies to post-nuclear landscapes, climate dystopias and apocalyptic survivalism, this is how cinema envisages the end of civilisation, both realistically and fantastically.

Part 3: A Guide to Saving the World (23-26 March) | Find out more

From green technology to salvation through political revolution, and from the role of art and storytelling in preserving humanity to the concept of deep time, A Guide to Saving the World explores how film envisages our collective future.

Other: End/Future Artist Commissions | Find out more

Other: End/Future FREE Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences | Find out more

  • Date of Event 9—26 March 2023
  • Cost £6 per ticket
  • Location

    Tyneside Cinema, 10 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QG