Professor Giles Gasper (Durham University) will talk about the customs of medieval Christmas, from music and other entertainments, and, above all, the food. The lecture will follow the Christmas Feast held by the Bishop of Hereford, Richard Swinfield, in 1296. Swinfield was probably responsible for the famous Hereford Mappa mundi / World Map and the promotion of the cult of Thomas Cantilupe; and he clearly kept very good table. The 1296 feast includes venison, partridge, goose, beef, sweet treats, a boar’s head, and an extremely large number of eggs. The talk will also showcase the re-imagination of medieval food in an exciting collaboration with Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle, and Professor Gasper.

This lecture is free of charge and is open to the public (but please book a place, by clicking on the ‘Register Here’ button).

  • Date of Event 8 December 2021
  • Cost Free
  • Location

    Ushaw, Ushaw Moor, Durham DH7 7DW.