Making our churches more Dementia friendly.

The next Caritas Network meeting will be held online via Zoom on Friday 17 March at 1.30pm to 3.15pm.

Maria Scurfield-Walton will share some of the ideas she has used in her local churches on enabling people with dementia to feel more comfortable while at church.

Maria will share how her group has worked with Churches to increase their awareness of dementia and will offer suggestions of a Dementia Checklist for churches that works as an audit that identifies how dementia friendly the church environment is and the services. This enables churches to focus on ideas or an action plan for improvements.

Maria will also talk about the possibility of having some Dementia Friendly Enablers during services to improve the experience for parishioners with dementia.

This meeting of the Caritas Network is open to everyone who would like to join to find out more on this subject. Please email Fr Adrian Tuckwell at if you wish to be sent the link.

Everyone welcome.