An online book launch event of Joshua Mobley’s A Brief Systematic Theology of the Symbol.

How do Christians understand the Trinity? How does this understanding relate to other Christian teachings? In conversation with key thinkers in contemporary and classical theology, particularly Henri de Lubac, Karl Rahner, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine, this book argues that a theology of symbols can help us glimpse the mystery of the Trinity and see how this central Christian teaching corresponds to Christian understandings of creation, humanity and the church.

At this celebratory launch event, author Joshua Mobley (former doctoral student at the CCS, now Lecturer at Baylor University, Texas) will be in conversation with Hans Boersma (Nashotah House Theological Seminary, Wisconsin), Karen Kilby (Durham University), and Simon Oliver (Durham University).

This event will be held online only, please register by clicking the button opposite.

  • Date of Event 2 February 2022
  • Cost Free
  • Location