Safeguarding Flowchart for PSR's (updated May 2019)

If you are unsure about any of the paperwork or process, download the DBS Flowchart for PSRs. You can also call us with any queries, tel: 0191 243 3305 or email:

You can also download the full list of Role Codes you see on your update spreadsheets, what they mean and whether a DBS is required.

The following resources have been provided to help PSRs undertake DBS checks. These are based on official CSAS documentation, although in some cases have been branded for Diocesan use. Unbranded documentation is available through the CSAS website and is found within their procedures manual area. Please be aware that documentation may be updated periodically and this will be regularly reviewed.

Pack 1 – New Volunteers

Pack 2 – Volunteers with References and Volunteers Requiring a Re–check

The DBS require us to thoroughly check the identity of our volunteers, hence all of the paperwork and ID documents. New volunteers complete all of pack two and we need the SSD, COI and DBS17 from them to process their first DBS check (as included in the pack above, without the coversheet).

These documents can also be downloaded separately in the links below:

E-bulk is simply the system the Department for Safeguarding uses to process DBS forms and the ‘Third Party’ referred to is a secure link that transfers the application status information from the Department for Safeguarding to the registered body.

We don’t give out personal data in any circumstances and you and our volunteers need not worry that we do.

Online Update Service (OUS) Re–checks

Volunteers who are registered with the OUS will receive annual reminders of their subscription (NB. it is a reminder of the subscription renewal, NOT the DBS renewal). These messages come directly from the DBS, not the Diocese. Every third year, the safeguarding office will require an SSD form to re–affirm their roles and give us permission to access their online account with the DBS to perform a re–check.

If someone completed their last DBS check online, it does not mean that they have an account with the OUS. Unless notified by the volunteer, we cannot know whether someone has joined the OUS. This means we will occasionally send packs out to volunteers who already subscribed to the OUS. If you know of any people who are DEFINITELY on the OUS, they do not need to complete the whole renewal process and we only require the SSD.

Pack 3 – Data Retention

DBS Eligibility Checker Tool

The Safeguarding Team has designated certain roles that require a DBS and others that do not. However, you know the roles carried out by your volunteers. If you believe a role may require a DBS you can check using the Government role checking tool available here:

If you check this and feel that a role meets the criteria, contact the department to discuss.

Safeguarding Training

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has free access to accredited online safeguarding training:

If you have a role working with children, young people or adults who may be vulnerable, or if you are a parent who wants to understand on-line safety, we encourage you to read the e-learning safeguarding brochure. This explains what programmes are available via e-learning and how to access the programmes that interest you.

What do I do next?

Please email to register your interest and we will contact you to confirm access arrangements. Your email should include your name, address, the name of your parish/order/congregation and your role (for example priest, youth worker or parent/guardian).