Department for Safeguarding

Diocesan Safeguarding Commission

The Diocese has a Safeguarding Commission chaired by an independent lay person with extensive safeguarding experience in working with children and vulnerable adults.

Other members of the Commission come from a range of relevant professional backgrounds in social care, health, family law, police, probation and canon law.

The Commission guides the work of the Safeguarding Team and is accountable to the Bishop and Trustees.

Diocesan Safeguarding Committee Members

Anne O’Brien


Appointed 2018. Committee Chair, Independent Governance Consultant, former Director of Operations and Clinical Governance and former Registered Nurse.

Jane Hedley


Appointed 2012. Committee member, Local Authority/Children’s Services Solicitor.

Simone Common


Appointed 2014. Committee member, Service Manager for Local Authority/Children’s Services.

Gail McGregor


Appointed 2016. Committee member, Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist.

Paul Weatherstone


Appointed 2018. Committee member, Senior Probation Officer.

Rev. Christopher Hancock


Committee Religious Link, Mill Hill Missionary Priest.

Rev. Jeff Dodds


Diocesan Parish Priest, Trustee and Episcopal Vicar for Care of the Clergy.

Rev. Canon William Agley


Appointed 2018. Committee Clergy Advisor, Diocesan Parish Priest and Canon Lawyer.

Catherine Dyer


Committee member.

Minutes of Diocesan Safeguarding Commission Meetings