An invite to Catholics from Hong Kong.

The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle warmly welcomes our brothers and sisters from Hong Kong. Fr Adrian Tuckwell, has shared the following invite on behalf of the Vicariate for Caritas.

多謝你回應我 較早前給你們的信件。多謝你們的耐心等待。


彌撒會用英語進行。 感恩祭後我們會一同品嚐一些由堂區也是來自香港的教友準備的美食。 呢個係一個很好嘅機會讓我們聚在一起並互相認識以及探索將來進一步喺堂區進行其他活動嘅可能性。

地址係 St Anne’s Presbytery, Half Fields Road, Winlaton, Tyne and Wear NE21 5RW

如果可以請盡量在5月20日前回覆我, 這會對我們的準備功夫會有很大的幫助。



Fr Adrian Tuckwell神父



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for responding to my letter to you earlier this year. Thank you also for your patience.

I would like to invite you to join my parish community for Mass on Wednesday 25 May at 7.00pm. The Mass will be celebrated in English. Afterwards, some parishioners who are from Hong Kong themselves, will provide a few refreshments. This will also give an opportunity to meet one another and to explore possible further meetings and opportunities to gather together.

The address is: St Anne’s Presbytery, Half Fields Road, Winlaton, Tyne and Wear NE21 5RW

It would be very helpful if you could reply to let me know if you are able to attend by Friday 20 May.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.


Fr Adrian Tuckwell