Vicariate for Education

Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust (BHCET)

On Wednesday 1 April 2020 Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust was formed by the merger of three Trusts Carmel, Holy Family and Romero.

It marked the beginning of something new and full of hope for the future of Catholic education in our area. We have a fitting patron in Bishop Hogarth who was the first Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle and who served the Catholic Church in England in the early years of Catholic emancipation. He was both a missionary and a unifier and he would have faced many challenges as the shepherd of his vast flock.  We are called to emulate the example of Bishop Hogarth in our service of the Church through our mission of education and in our call to the pastoral care of our vast extended family of Catholic schools. All Directors and Governors recognise the centrality of the Bishop of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle and carry out their functions and responsibilities in full communion with him and in accordance with the will of the Church. Trust business is conducted with the principles of mutual respect, transparency, subsidiarity, solidarity and support for the common good.

The Trust has accountability and governance for a growing number of academies in Darlington, Billingham, Hartlepool, Stockton, and Durham. All our academies benefit from our strong ethos and quality governance. It is a family of Catholic schools that exist to further the Church’s saving mission by educating her young people in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Being members of the Trust has formalised the collaboration between schools, sharing a vision to provide a practical and moral purpose to the furtherance of education, building capacity and providing strength and a collective responsibility for the educational welfare of young people.

As such we seek to foster positive relationships among our learners, teachers, parents and the wider community. Worship and prayer are integral to the life of our academies and social responsibility based on the teachings of Christ and His Gospel is central to our mission. Securing the best education and outcomes for the children in our care drives all that we do.

All our academies benefit from the strong ethos focusing on schools supporting each other through a mutually beneficial and cost-effective model of leadership and governance, to raise standards and improve opportunities and outcomes for all.  There are clear benefits for schools to reduce costs, through economies of scale and shared expertise.  Schools have seen improvements to their buildings and facilities through structured and co-ordinated estates management.  Teachers have and continue to benefit from a well-resourced professional development programme including career progression extending from those who are newly qualified through to senior leadership.  To this end high quality training is delivered to all staff so that they feel valued and remain lifelong learners.

All academies within the Trust are equal partners recognising that each academy is unique and serves its own community. The Trust seeks to preserve and protect each academy’s distinctiveness and is respectful of their individual ethos and mission. The academies work collaboratively with each other, sharing resources, knowledge and best practice, to fulfil the Trust’s mission, vision and values. This has had a particularly positive impact where we have worked together to ensure high quality online learning during lockdown.

Our mission is guided by a collective culture and vision where:

‘Our schools are places of excellence where we strive to enrich and improve the learning and experience of all our young people. Our strong moral purpose and Christian values are central to everything the Trust and our Schools do and therefore the following values are promoted and are under-pinned by excellence in Teaching and Learning:

  • BEING Just and compassionate
  • DEVELOPING confidence and resilience in our students
  • SHOWING Respect for every person
  • CREATING a community where we accept responsibility for ourselves and for others
  • BEING honest and developing a culture of self–belief and value’.

These are visualised through our Trust’s Virtues Wheel designed by the current and future Trust Headteachers as the outcome of our Visioning and Values Day.

To ensure we fully realise our commitment to developing our young people Trust schools have focused on developing character.  This is achieved by recognising and providing a rich programme of spiritual, academic and extra-curricular opportunities to develop the Virtues.

Ultimately our work is focussed on ‘shaping futures, fulfilling dreams’ with ‘Christ at our centre and children at the heart of all that we do’.


Dame Maura Regan DL

CEO Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust